the dreaming pear

life {enchanted}

bou·tique    noun, often attributive
a small fashionable shop¹

After two wonderful years in the Park Trades Center's Mezzanine Studio, a tiny charming space tucked into the very top of the Kalamazoo Avenue stairwell in the Park Trades Center in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan, I have moved my things back into my home.

I plan to develop this website for ecommerce and eventually sell my prints, jewelry, original art, and other objects and creations. In the meantime feel free to contact me about my work, and if you were one of my many Art Hop visitors when I was in my studio downtown and had your eye on something, just ask, I may still have it!

My current available framed photographs consist of images I took in the two year period during which I lived in Northern Ireland, including a few photographs taken on trips around the Republic of Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland during that time. I am also more than happy to make prints of any of my other photographs posted in the gallery.

My other work for sale includes hand crafted jewelry, boxes, paper, calligraphy, and folded paper cranes. The images below are a selection of some of my favorites.


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