the dreaming pear

life {enchanted}


I have gained an increasing awareness of inequalities based on gender, race, and sexual identities {among others} through my work at the People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo as the co-op moves toward claiming an anti-racist identity as an organization, working to eliminate structural and institutional racism and other oppressions.

In this light I am aware that spa massage has typically been a luxury service available mostly to wealthy white people. In working toward claiming an anti-racist identity as an artist and a massage therapist I am exploring how my services can be more inclusive.

I am experimenting with shorter, more affordable sessions so that people of lower incomes can also benefit from massage.

I am also experimenting with a range of oils and butters to achieve the best possible therapeutic benefit across a variety of skin colors and types, from grapeseed oil for sensitive skin to shea butter for darker skin.

I welcome any constructive feedback that will help me move my business further into an anti-racist and anti-oppression identity. Every body deserves to receive the life-affirming and enriching benefits of massage, regardless of life situations or personal identities and affiliations.