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I was intending to do all of my meditation progress posts at the beginning of each new month, but when I sat down to write my post for March on April 1, I noticed that I had done my intentions for the year post on January 1, my first update on February 2, and my next update on March 3. So to continue with the pattern I unwittingly created, I am choosing to do my March meditation update on April 4! I’m hoping to make it a true pattern every month.

March was successful!

I meditated every day in March, for at least 5 minutes, sometimes 10 on weekends when my morning timeline isn’t as strict. I also consistently added some yoga adaptations that help stretch out my lower back, which is often stiff in the mornings.

The best part of my meditation practice so far is that our dogs are now meditating with me!

My husband and I have two Australian Shepherds; one is a toy, one is a mini, and they bring me joy every day. Our mini aussie is a snuggler, and every time I sit down on the floor he runs to me and enthusiastically pushes himself headfirst into my arms, with his tail wagging excitedly. I always encourage this, because I love it, and at first when I sit down on my meditation cushions he runs up to me and we snuggle for a moment, often with our toy aussie laying next to me on his back (he’s a much more independent boyo than the mini) asking for belly rubs, which I always give happily.

As soon as I pick up my phone, set the meditation timer, settle into my half lotus meditation posture, and take my first deep breath, both dogs go off and curl up a few feet away from me, lying peacefully still for the duration of my meditation. When the gong rings to signal the end of the meditation time, I shift, and flex my wrists and hands, and our mini snuggler runs right back into my lap, licking my hands and asking to play while I do the rest of my stretches.

At first I found it remarkable that our dogs should seem so aware and mindful. The more I reflect on it, though, the more I see that they are much more in tune than I am to nuanced body language and energy, as this is their main form of communication, with each other and with me. It’s only natural that if I am embodying stillness and peace, they too will find rest in those moments. As soon as I am ready to move again, their energy picks up as well. Very in tune little beings they are.

I am happy to be successfully resonating mindfulness for them.

A few other moments of note in March: my husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary, which delights and amazes me all over again with each passing year we share; I baked bread again for the first time in many years, which I also find to be meditative and heart-ful; the tulips my husband bought for our kitchen window bloomed beautifully, even as it snowed outside on the last day of March; and I bought some seeds to begin our first plantlings in our new home.

May April bring even more growth from the stillness.

Snow Tulips

Snow Tulips

March Meditation Progress

March Meditation Progress