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WHAT TO EXPECT from my massage


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist {LMT} in the State of Michigan.

I completed my training in 2009 at what was then the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts School of Massage and Bodywork and is now the Institute for Massage Education.

After my certification I completed a nine month apprenticeship as a Certified Massage Therapist {CMT} at SolSpring and continued working there for a year before exploring my own practice.

I am a Professional level member of ABMP {Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals} and uphold their standards of ethics for the massage profession.

I carry full liability insurance through ABMP.

I give massages on a very part time basis because I also work full time as the Wellness Buyer at the People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo.

My approach to massage & bodywork is one of artistic expression and compassionate touch. I believe massage is an essential component of a rich emotional and physical way of being in the world.

Compassionate touch is one of my main communication skills, and I believe every body needs compassionate touch to thrive. It brings me joy to touch lives in this way.


My massage is not in any way sexual. My massages are professional and compassionate. I do not tolerate any sexual advances or comments of any kind, and I reserve the right to discontinue any session for full payment if I do not feel comfortable.

I am not judgmental or critical in any way. I believe everyone's body is beautiful just as it is and everyone's healing journey is their own. I maintain strict confidentiality with all client sessions and records.

I am not a physician or similarly licensed healthcare practitioner. My license to give healthcare advice is limited to the field of massage and bodywork. I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease.

I will not ask you to undress beyond your level of comfort. Massage can be performed at all levels of clothing, from fully dressed to fully undressed. If you do choose to undress fully you will have complete privacy and will be fully and discretely covered for the entirety of the session.

None of my sessions includes deep tissue massage or specific therapy for sports or injuries. My work is geared to full body integration and relaxation. I believe all of the body's tissues are connected and work together as a whole entity. My massage is intended to address the body as a whole entity as well.