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WHAT TO EXPECT from my studio


My studio is at the very top of the Kalamazoo Avenue stairwell in the Park Trades Center in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan with walls of brick and large glass windows. It tends to be hot in the summer {I have an air conditioner} and cold in the winter {I have warm blankets and a space heater}.

The traffic noise from Kalamazoo Avenue can be intrusive if you are not used to it. I have come to love it. The rhythmic wave-like patterns remind me of sleeping in a cottage on a beach in Puerto Rico.

I also spent my childhood living in an old Victorian house between Westnedge and Park Street in downtown Kalamazoo, and the rhythmic traffic patterns lulled me to sleep at night. The traffic noise in my studio feels like home.

My studio is small and located at the top of many flights of stairs. It can be a workout to get there. There is a freight elevator {for the tired days} that goes almost all the way to the top.

{If you do have difficulty with stairs, there is unfortunately no way to get around the last half flight of stairs to my door. I am more than happy to accommodate clients who need to take the stairs slowly and carefully; however, if you are unable to do stairs at all, I am unfortunately not the right massage therapist for you at this time.}


My studio is not a spa environment. There is no shower, and the bathroom is a public bathroom down the hall on the fourth floor of the Park Trades Center.

The surrounding space is not woodsy, peaceful, or inherently relaxing. There is sometimes noise from people coming up the stairwell beneath my studio. The outside environment is industrial and urban. It's not the prettiest part of the city, but it's home to my studio, and I love it. Inside my studio I have created a peaceful haven amidst the chaos.

There is unfortunately no free parking nearby, as the parking lot adjacent to the building is not currently for my clients, and the parking immediately in front of the building is metered during the hours I have available for massage.

{When using the metered parking it is a good idea to allow an extra twenty to thirty minutes on top of your session time for time spent on paperwork and checking in before your session and for time to drink some water after your session and get back into your body before getting back into your car.}

My studio is not allergen free. I am the proud mama to a toy Australian Shepherd named Ashe, and I bring him to my studio with me on days when I am working on my art.