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Whew! It's been quite a year!

At this time last year I was just beginning my recovery from a frightening experience with anxiety and depression.

A life instinct somewhere inside me urged me to pick up the phone and call my closest family and friends for support. Out of my self-induced loneliness I built a loving support network of family, friends, and professionals to guide me back to health.

Right before my brain chemistry and emotional confidence wavered last summer I had taken the huge step of signing the lease for a studio space for my fledgling art and massage business. I was so proud of myself!

And yet also terrified.

Creating a space for myself to create and simply be was like second nature for me.

Inviting people I had never met before into my space was foreign and frightening. Baring my vision and my soul to strangers left me feeling more exposed than I had ever felt before.

And more empowered.

It was and still is an incredible feeling to express myself so completely and be affirmed in my self-expression.

I've been open for several Art Hops now in the Park Trades Center Mezzanine Studio, and I love it! I am only in my studio on Mondays and for Art Hops, so my space and my work are evolving and progressing slowly, but slow is good for me.

I am now in the process of redeveloping my brand concept and my website, and I am very excited with the results so far!

I invite you to explore my website and get to know me and my work and my dream. Maybe I'll see you at an Art Hop some day soon!