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New year, new home, new intentions for engagement

Happy New Year, and Happy January!

I have taken a break from my creative endeavors since closing my studio in the Park Trades Center three (!) years ago. It has been a time of growth in other areas of my life, and I am tremendously excited for the new beginnings that have arisen as a result.

I am in a new physical space now, a new home. We are just beginning to settle in, and a new year seems like perfect timing for growing a new creative space as well. To begin that process I am setting an intention for myself this year to be present and engaged every day.

The immediate result of that intention is a renewed focus on meditation. I am currently using the free version of the Calm meditation app for the meditation timer and to keep myself accountable. It has a calendar that updates after each session, and I used it again today for the first time in a while.

It has been 219 days since my last meditation.

I love the practice and meditate regularly in theory, but I have not been disciplined in practice. My intention for this year is a 365 day meditation project.

Day 1, success.

My hope is that a renewed sense of presence and engagement in all areas of my life will gradually follow.

Just breathe.