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Nine/nine, write on time! [hah, sorry not sorry]

It gives me great pleasure to still be maintaining my pattern this year of a blog post once a month on each month day. I have so far posted on 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, 6/6, 7/7, 8/8, and now 9/9! There is no other purpose to it than for my own interest and amazement and joy at meeting the challenge I have set myself.

It makes me happy!

Although it does feel a little strange to try to remember August now that we are more than a week into September, it has so far been a nice exercise to frame each month in my memory after it’s finished.

August was fantastic!

My amazing and inspirational parents, who are both in their early 70’s [I always lose count after each decade, sorry Mom and Dad!], celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August, which brought me tremendous joy for them and for our family.

I also continued my daily meditation progress without missing a day!

August meditation progress

August meditation progress

I enjoyed some quality lake time with family and friends more than once, which is always one of my summer highlights every year.

Gull Lake, Michigan

Gull Lake, Michigan

Most importantly for my artistic progress, I finally joined the Pen Dragons Calligraphy Guild, which has been a goal of mine since I moved back to Kalamazoo over 11 years ago! Slow progress, but I am celebrating a next step finally taken. I have for years harbored worries that my artistic skills are not good enough [for what or whom, I don’t know] or not worthy of developing, so I am taking this next step with some anxiety, but also with much excitement for the opportunity to dig deeper into an art form I have long loved and with the hope of further developing my skills and confidence as a calligrapher.

I am a Pen Dragon!